31 July 2012

2 Weeks 1 Island

You know Naxos ended and we had another workcamp 2 weeks on the island of Syros, for me I was hoping the first few days would go fast with rest, for on Naxos I hurt my back. I did bow down to the pressure and go to the hospital, where for 8 Εuros they took a nice X-Ray of my back, I must admit I […]

15 July 2012

End of Naxos

So the time has come in a few hours we (La Team) say farwell to the strangers we met over 2 weeks ago, and who are now good friends, we are all used to saying farewell to people, but I think this time it will be harder as the bond has grown strong. A sort of family unit has been created, with Efi and Dimitri […]

11 July 2012

Nearing The End

Saturday Georgia the La Team mentor arrived on Naxos, so I travelled to the port to meet her, after a interesting greeting when she arrived, we walked best we could along to a local cafe, where we bought a cold coffee, well she got a Freddo Espresso, and I got a Medium Freddo Cappicino. After a long time in the cafe we went a tour […]

6 July 2012

A Week on Naxos

So thats my first week on Naxos over with, its been an amazing experience, we managed to get the path we wanted completed done ahead of schedule meaning an early finish today. The group seems to be getting on great with inside jokes and alot of laughs. In the downtime, we have been to a distillery (would you believe i took the most free sample) […]

1 July 2012

3 Weeks in 1 Post

I find myself busier than expected so I have not had time to update my blog as I thought, so while people are at the pub here in Naxos watching the Euro final I have borrowed Jaana’s laptop so I can update everyone. We have already met 4 people in this blog Georgia the bubbly Greek Girl, Jaana the Estonian, Nunzia the Italian and James […]

15 June 2012

From The Airport

After the meeting of Georgia, she leads me to meet the other volunteer from italy,  walking over to a girl in sunglasses and looking tired we get introduced.  In all honesty I didnt know what I expected when I read Nunzia’s name on the email.  But from first few moments she seemed interesting. Georgia led us up a few flights of stairs (yes im not […]

13 June 2012

Getting into Greece

Wednesday the 30th I left, just missed the train so I had to ait an hour for the next one, met some guys there and we just sat having a laugh listening to Placebo.  Arrived in Haymarket and went to the stop for the bus … alas due to the damn tram works they changed the schedule and I had missed the last one.  So […]

30 May 2012

8 Hours or so it says!

Its 8 hours till I start the adventure of Greece, going at a great time, going to miss all the Royal Jubillee pish and all the hype of the Olympics as we all know its gonna get worse and everyone is gonna get fed up hearing about it and the unionist bullshit its promoting, come on its fine to fly the Welsh Flag at Olympics […]

29 May 2012

Tomorrows The Day

The other day I was at the YES campaign for the Scottish Independence Referendum, it made me think how great a time we all live in to get the chance to vote for the future of Scotland, never have we had such an amazing time, nor at such a great year, 2014. Thats 600 years after we fought for it on the fields of Bannockburn. […]