24 May 2012

6 Days and Counting

We are now in under a week before I start my travels, recently met a few interesting people, one a lady from Greece who gave me alot of advice in learning the language and another lady who has just returned from a holiday there, with really indepth blog articles: http://www.2ndcouncilhouse.co.uk/blog/category/internationalism/europe/greece-europe/ Scotland has been nice to me, maybe cause she knows I want the best for […]

18 May 2012

Paris Here I Come

Bonjour, et bienvenue sur mon plus récent post sur mon blog au sujet de mon passage à la Grèce So why did I start speaking French?  And why do I have pictures of Paris on a blog about Greece. Well this is simple, today I received my dates of travel and I fly from Edinburgh to Paris.  A day earlier that I expected.  Then from […]

16 May 2012

Greek Elections

On news recently they are saying there will be new elections in Greece in middle of June, now many people know I have been involved in 3 campaigns here in Scotland, all for the SNP and SNP Candidates, we have been succesful in all 3, gaining more votes than any other party in 2 of them and gaining couple of thousand on the other. Be […]

13 May 2012

The Places

So doing a search on the main paces I will be seems its gonna be quite interesting, mostly I will be in Athens, But I will also be spending time in Naxos, Andros and Syros. The pics below show enough! Syros Andros Naxos

10 May 2012

3 Weeks

Its now 3 weeks till i leave and got the confirmation email from the company I am going to with all the joyous information such as when I am leaving , when I fly back and where I will be staying, so for first month, I will be doing office and project stuff and training in Athens.  As well as language courses, I did start […]

10 May 2012

23 Days

23 Days to go till my move, with recent death of my nana i have taken week of from TCV Scotland. Also did some updates on this site so less to worry about, wont lie kinda worried and nervous but thats expected I think!