15 December 2015

Painted Smiles

By Bryan

Painted smiles with a broken heart,
this pain is real, its far from the start,
Saying everything is OK, to hide the pain,
This love is real, no time to feel.

A smile, a sigh, a tear or two each night,
Pictures to gander upon, of a couple in love,
Memories do linger, feelings from the heart,
Smile now, is is but a farce.

Words have been spoken, seldom now though,
Each have different lives, interconnected,
through feelings that show, friends all know,
but the lovers are scared, to handle the show.

Distance between them, thousand miles or two,
Makes it harder, but doesn’t make the love any less true,
Smile now, hide the pain, the world does not care,
no-one but the lovers, and at that its a no go.

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