20 December 2015

Plan is to plan a plan to plan my plan to plan my plan

By Bryan

Well not really but the tongue twister is needed as I need a wee bit of humour.

The plan is to finalize a plan to get as many countries as I can in as this will be my last year of being able to afford to travel for a while as this time next year not only will I be finished University I will finally have my Honors degree, so to go out with style the plan is to fly from Scotland to Sweden then to Finland then to Latvia then a few weeks in Greece for it to end in France and final return to Scotland and hopefully a day trip to Estonia and still having enough to time to get down to Manchester to see K@ and Jane.  My countries plan does include Diesel who has promised to alter some aspects of himself such as in greece go a walk on his own, we shall see.

Biggest thing is looking forwards to seeing all my friends in Turku again, its been 2 years and I miss them all, and what do I miss more well Salmiakki and Piima, damn I need Salmiakki and Piima!