12 April 2015

Self Imposed Exile!

By Bryan

On the 26th of February I decided to cut out some things in my life, until my trip to Greece, Sweets, Crisps, Soft Drinks, Fast Food and Alcohol. This was just a random thought that came to my mind and I have just stuck to it. It’s been 6 weeks now and I admit I have broken it, I had some chocolate from an Easter egg, a couple of small bits, and it was too sweet so I gave the rest away, over ¾ of the egg. I also tried some Organic Dark Chocolate and while I enjoyed it, it was still too sweet.

When I want a sweet I will either have a nakd bar, made of fruit and compressed together or I will have some fruit, six weeks in and I don’t miss sweets. Crisps were well something I didn’t have that much, I only really ate Pringles and Space Raiders (Pickled Onion) and I will be honest and say when I am finished I will likely continue to eat Space Raiders, Pickled Onion. Fast Food is well something I started going off a while ago and to be honest I will most likely continue on the no Fast Food, or limit it to one or two a year, after all what is life if you don’t let go sometimes … he says anxiously!

Soft drinks well here is one I am glad not to be drinking, I have replaced it with fruit smoothies that are made by me or I will drink Soya Milk. Truth be told I did add a wee exception to this one, and that is when I am on a night out I will have a soft drink, and generally I have only had 1 or 2 on any social occasion so a massive drop. One of the other reasons for taking a soft drink is I have also stopped drinking Alcohol, this I will admit has been the hardest. My friends and I had a wee night out last night and I managed well, drank Alcohol-Free cider and beer, while it tasted bit different, there was no lust to drink more so my wallet was happier and I am happy that I never had a hangover this morning so I am sure my Liver is happy as well.

So at 6 weeks I believe I will continue on a low alcohol diet when I am finished my exile. From doing all this I have noticed some interesting side effects, my bank account is stable, my waistline is slimmer and I feel a lot healthier so go me!! But why do all this, was it for the campaign, not really, was it to attract a nice girl, hopefully I may meet someone during this but I’ll be honesty and say I doubt it. No I am continuing this self-imposed exile for me, to challenge myself. To see how long I can manage, and truth be told I am doing better than I thought I would. I should have done a wee sponsorship and raised money for a charity of my choosing!

Their does seem to be more into this now than I thought, a possible coincidence, divine intervention or a connection. I started speaking to one of my Friends in Estonia, who notified me that she had thought about my eating and drinking and hoped it would change, without stating the date she and I worked out her thoughts was roughly at the same time that I had this idea out of the blue. My friend is not one to lie, she is one of the straightest speakers you can imagine and has a way that just makes me want to keep talking to her. The question now is will I make it till May with this exile, will I make it till the end of July? Will I finally fit into the jeans that I bought that were just too small?

Tune in again.