15 December 2015

She Sits

By Bryan

She sits on the sandy ocean front,
Legs crossed, hands resting on her knees,
Resting on her blue jeans to tell a truth,
Her back is straight and her soft blue eyes are closed,
In front of her etched in the sand,
Is a shape, with five points,
In each point of her five pointed shape,
Is a stone,
Encompassing the shape is a circle,
Also etched in the sand,
With a candle, a dish filled with salt, a incense stick, and a cup of water
In the correct positions to cast,
The etched circle is big enough,
To engulf her and the five pointed shape,
She is muttering,
Calling out to her spirit guides,
Calling out to the energies of the world,
To be with her as she sits,

She opens here soft blue eyes,
Looking out to the ocean,
She takes a deep breath in,
And closes her eyes,
She mutters some more words,
I cannot tell you what,
I am too far away
She sits for time,
As the ocean comes in,
Then out,
Ships sail past,
Ignorant males are on a yacht,
Whistling at her,
Typical of them, cant they,
Can’t they just leave her alone?
Leave her to meditate in peace,
Leave her be.

She thanks the energies for coming to her,
Thanks them for protecting her as she sits,
Communicating to the higher energies,
She opens her soft blue eyes, and flicks her long soft brown hair,
That shines in the orange sunset,
She has been there for hours,
Time for her to leave her place,
At the ocean front.

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