Simple Pleasures

Simple pleasures of a lie
One that must not be known
Bottle of wine
At my side,
Finished in a few.

I told the lie,
To save myself,
From the hurt I knew off.

I told the lie,
As I’m a coward,
Hiding from a non truth.

Smile now, its for the best,
Cry now, it hurts for now,
Look Now, you will see the rest,
Hidden is the meaning, from your sight.

Simple pleasures of a lie
One that must stay hidden,
I love a girl, who has lost those feelings,
Claims she loves another man.

Smile now,
It will all be OK,
Sigh now,
Things can get better.

Drink my wine,
Australian Merlot,
Slowly I see the truth.

© 2009-2016

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By Bryan Deakin

Hello and welcome to my site, my name is Bryan Deakin, 35yr old from Scotland. A Dyspraxic, Poet, Blogger and Community Activist, I studieda BSc(Hons) Sustainable Development, at the University of Highlands and Islands. Lover of all things Greek and Finnish, and a keen and active member of Falkirk SNP. Prior I was Vice President of Simple Machines, and Project Manager at Simple Machines Forum (SMF).

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