19 November 2015

Sitting Silently Waiting

By Bryan

Sitting silently waiting,
Waiting for someone to change me.
Change me not from what I am,
But change me from what I can become,
Sitting Silently Waiting,
Waiting silently,
Waiting patiently
Sitting Silent.
Needing, wanting, hoping.

Hoping for that special someone,
To take all this hurt away,
Take all this fear,
The resentment,
Take away my broken heart and mend it.
Someone who can make me love again.
Someone I can be happy with.

Sitting Silently Waiting
Silently waiting
Sitting silently, pondering
Waiting for someone.
Someone I know not of,
Someone I hope will come soon,
Someone who will wipe these tears of pain,
Wipe these tears of worry,
Wipe these tears of hurt


Waiting silently sitting,




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