23 October 2010

SMF Death

By Bryan

Over the last few months a few of us have had many insults thrown at us from various team members and the communities we visit.  One thing that we hear alot is that we all want SMF to die, that we are all anti smf, ive had a personal message from Christian A. Herrnboeck attacking me and stating I want SMF to die, ive had Kill Me ? stating that Arantor and I are anti-smf.

I have to ask these people, if we were anti smf and wanted SMF to die, then why do we all still use the software, why do most of us still have accounts on smf and provide support?  why have we approached the so called messiah of smf to talk with us? granted he refused who is really against SMF, most of the SMF friends, including the largest names on SMF … or one or two people who feel cause we speak out we are hurting SMF… well yeh maybe we are hurting SMF, but no more than some of the team members.

In the topic Say Hi, my good friend k@ states even as Vice President of the NPO he has no extra power, so does that mean Kindred is power hungry, well no.  K@ joined this site as he is my friend and so is his wife.  He is the Vice President of SM NPO, he is a friend not only offline but online, he doesnt share any information that he has access to nor would I want him too.  is being friends with one of the important people in the NPO sign of someone who wants SMF to die, outside SMF I even speka to Norv and Oldiesmann and bring issues to there attention, sites without copyright etc …. why would someone against SMF do this.

earlier on today I gave Aady friends access so that the SMF Sterring Committee can see we have nothing to hide we are not planning on doing anything that will bring down smf, as we dont want to or haver any intentions of doing that.  Is this the actions of people who wish smf to die.

Yeh ok we can all see the end, everything will die eventually, but unless the SMF team change there way of thinking and acting, then SMF is going to fall.  This is evudent by looking at how many known faces of smf are deleting there accounts.