12 October 2010

SMF Free For All

By Bryan
This is a call, a call to the SMF Team, offer your services of installing smf, co nverting forums, and upgrading them, offer your services that are cheaper the the charter membership, one team member is and guess what he is being let off with it as the team manual seems to mean nothing.  Straight from the steering committee spokesperson, team members can now do anything that the CM does for cheaper, as I said one team member does, and when I brought it to the Steering Commitee there words where “we cannot find anything wrong” so SMF Steering Committee are you now saying that team members can charge $40 and do what the Charter Membership does without the advanced Beta’s making the Charter Membership the main source of income pointless!!! Well done!

The team also seem to allow thiefs, one team member has robbed someone we all know of $250, do SMF Steering Committee Care … fuck know … this team member also breaks all the core values … do they care hell no.

What this mean well this means the team will be losing money, thieving money from users is also now allowed so the reputation will be hurt … is there a future for SMF … well how things are going … I say time to move on and let SMF die.