20 November 2015

Snow White Funeral

By Bryan

Knowing everything, looking inside
thinking what’s against my morals
A new creature controls my mind,
She’s my heart and soul, but cold inside

Knowing what the future doth hold,
The feeling grows
A smile full of hate, I lied
The slut has decided her fate

Looking through, my tired eyes
My heart being torn apart
Now that my hearing is gone
Last ounce of lies cannot be heard

I’ve grown tired of passion
Not even passion of love or of death
I’m driven by the anger
With the thought of her deceitful words

I see the fucking slut
In my broken heart
She’s wishing for her death
For snow white funeral

A naked flame causes the ruin
She now lays in a pool of blood
The snow is falling, the bitch is dead
Time to celebrate, the death

I hear the sirens in the distance
Questions they do ask,
Ready to take them out in style.

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