20 November 2015

So Much

By Bryan

So much has changed,
Yet stayed the same,
My love for her, still grows,
Yet I do not want it to,
I need to move on,
Forget about my past,
Forget about my present
Live for the future.

I sit in my room,
Saying I am working,
Yet in truth, I am crying,
Crying for the love I lost,
The love that broke my heart,
Like many done before,
Yet, no previous scar,
Was as bad as this,
No previous scar,
Live inside my mind, my heart
No previous scar do I still Love
Still adore, still dream of.

I’ve slit myself again,
Scars are still there,
Going away, but they were deep,
They will remain,
All my scars will remain,
Each scar represents a time I have wanted to die,
Each scar represents a moment I have thought,
Thought about the, about her.
I love her,
I knew that then,
I know that more now,
I know I always will.

But I WILL move on!

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