15 December 2015


By Bryan

Sorry for hurting you,
For my past,
Calling you by harmful names
Of memories.

Sorry for innocent lies
For exaggerating the truth
A truth that is a lie
A lie that is a truth
Losing you would kill me,
But not my physical being as I claimed,
At most my life as I know it,
Would dramatically change.

I’m sorry for the times.
Times I have been human
And have hurt
“Those that make me feel”
Sorry for making you feel guilty,
When there was no need.

Sorry that you are unwell,
Feeling unwell,
Sorry that you are being sick,
I would change it if I could.

Sorry for all I done wrong,
And I just want you to know,
That no matter what I have done,
I love you,
And even if a past asks me back,
My answer will always be NO

My life has changed for the better,
Since the day we met,
Stopped my cutting,
Better mood,
So please don’t worry,
You’re the only one for me.

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