15 December 2015

Special Someone

By Bryan

This is a note,
To a special someone,
Someone I love,
More than they can ever imagine,
This is a note,
To a special someone who broke my heart,
Hours after saying she wouldn’t.

This special someone,
Is like a drug,
Sweet but deadly,
Innocent but vicious,
She is so sweet, a small taste
Feels like paradise on earth,
Yet is so addictive not having hurts so much inside,

And now I have lost this drug,
No longer will I be in paradise,
More like a misery for the foreseeable future.
Joy has been drained,
Happiness is gone,
All that is left is gloom and doom
Sadness, regret, hatred, resentment
It’s funny how a smile is so easy to lose,
When someone so close,
Someone you love,
Leaves you,
Walks out of your heart, tearing it,
Ripping it as they go.

I told her I would kill myself,
I can’t do that, she means too much to me still
I love her,
Not being with her hurts,
But I will move on,
When the pain has gone,
I hope.

This is a note to a special someone
A note to a certain person
All I have left to say is
I love you still,
And I always will.
But id rather be friends than to lose you from my life

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