15 December 2015


By Bryan

It started with a whisper,
A feeling, a glance,
I asked her if she had any sisters,
While I stood next to a fan.

I smiled as she said no,
The ice was finally broken,
Step one of my master plan.

Step two was a bit harder.
Didn’t know if she felt the same,
Invited us for a few drinks,
Just her and her friends.

She smiled as she saw me,
Sit next to her was her demand,
Tickling each other, and immature acts.
Didn’t hit me till the end.

She had left, home time for her.
I stayed put with her friends,
When the grilling began,
I saw my own end.

Step two is finished,
The grilling was enough,
Wow this girl likes me.
The friends pretty much confirmed it.
Step three is about to begin.

Now this is my Achilles heal,
Telling a girl how I feel,
I went with a sly approach,
Mentioned about a girl I like in my blog.

I text her “did you read my blog”
“Yeh and who is the girl” was the reply
“I don’t want to say as you know her”
“Oh tell me”
“Hypothetically what would you say if I said it was you”
“I would say we need to talk”
I smiled as I realized what she was saying,
A few minutes passed I responded
“then we need to talk”

It’s interesting to look back on this,
Surreal in a way,
But what really gets me,
We never did ever have the talk.

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