11 November 2013

Tall Ship Race and more

By Bryan

Ahh the weekend, today is quite sad as I know its coming to an end my trip to Finland, its raining outside, and today I meet Jani from Estelle, I have alot of respect for Jani. I leave at 1140 to meet him at 12, on the way I call Wellu to see if he wants to meet up, after some discussion we agree a time and place. Its odd though as more I walk to places the quiker it seems to get, maybe cause my foot is not so sore, but I get their at 11.50 so I have 10 minutes to wait. I decide to go to r-kioski and get some juice … €2.50 for mountain dew, I wont be going to that one again! Voi vittua!

I cross the road to the meet place and after a few minutes Jani appears. We decide to go for a coffee at the cafe in Wiklund, we go up, I choose a hot chocolate, and he takes a coffee, and we go and sit at an empty table. Jani is like Olli hasn’t changed over the years, his beard is longer and he looks more wise, down to earth, maybe even cultured. He tells me how he cant be professional at sea any more, and his plans for future job. We also reminisce of what it was like back in the days I was about, and how we really wonder how Roberto is doing, folk if you know Roberto then please don’t shoot me, its scary thought remembering Roberto but we must have a laugh. Like everyone else we just have a chilled catch up, after 90 mins or so, he tells me he needs to go, so we walk along the walking street and talk about the growth of neo-nazi movements in Finland, and how he was being targeted by them for being environmental and a leftie. After a wee while we say goodbye and I head to subway for a sandwich while I walk back to the hostel for a nap.

A few hours later I meet Wellu at the agreed upon time, he comes in with his girlfriend just as I sit down with my Upcider, you all know the drill by now, we talk about politics, and various other things, I get to know his girlfriend and one of his friends, where we spoke about a game of billiard that’s played in Russia that can take up too 6 hours to play. I cant remember the name but from the description I got I do wish to try this game. We discuss sailing, Estelle and the various documentaries that have been made about him. His girlfriend by now has said goodbye and Wellu gets a phone call saying he need to get to the Daily, the Daily is his local pub, I was in it the night before with Olli, I have been in it a few times before. So we walk to the daily and the list from earlier come up. He greets one of the ladies I had met previous night and she tells me Pasi is at the table. Pasi, that name brings back great memories been a few years since I saw him, last time was in Kotka 2007, just as I left the ship during the Tall Ship Race, he was the Konsta that was in charge of my work shift, in honesty he was the best one, got the shift motivated, and would have a laugh and joke at same time. I walk over to the table and it takes me a few moments to spot him it has been a few years, I finally do and stand right next to him, as with in Uusi Tuuli, he was shocked to see me, after a few moments of disbelief he finally gives me a hug and I sit down just as Wellu brings me a drink. For next wee while we remember the sailing and how fun it was. The rest of the evening was a mixture of meeting people and having fun, we even put the lottery on but never won it, shit happens huh, could have done with couple of thousand, keep me in Finland for a few more weeks, or even do my trip to Greece.

Around 8pm Wellu leaves he has some “light” reading to do. I on other hand was just tired so I left a few minutes later, and went back to hostel, and slept.