17 March 2016

Tervetuloa Suomi

By Bryan


Is it not such an amazing sight, the Aurajoki at dusk, in the background we see Turku Energia, the tower has the Fibonacci Sequence in large red lights, a beacon for a wary traveler looking for his house after a drinking session in the local pubs, or clubs, may been Monk, Dynamo or even Forte, this landmark provided this drunk his way home at night when he lived in this amazing town.  The docked ships, providing a wide range of food and drink, with the Fori going back and forth all day, almost every day.

This is where I shall be in 4 months, in 4 months I will be spending my time in a city that I call Koti, a city that even I feel comfortable living in, many of my friends now live elsewhere in Suomi, or living abroad and one special friend is watching down on us all.  Turku has never been the same, but to me it is where I found myself, where I realized I was made for more than a mediocre life, and where the spark of travelling was ignited! I look forward to walking the streets and along the bank, but I know I will be sad for a long time after I leave!