11 November 2013

The China Syndrome

By Bryan

After a very long lie on Sunday I decide to say FUCK THIS and just stayed in the hostel all day, I was meant to be meeting Teppo but got busy doing other things, then when I realised the time well it was too late, the event of this day was going to shop to see it was closed due to it being Fathers day, not like its open much on a Sunday anyway, but did stop me from spending money, luckly I had Piima left, a bottle of water and some chocolate. A healthy day of eating but it did its job, and I was fine. Oo as my bed was soooo comfortable I also did watch “The China Syndrome” it wasnt what I was expecting but it was good and one ill watch again.

If you have never watched it please do, it gives you an idea of what’s happening in Fukashima!