11 February 2011

The Downfall of the Dream

By Bryan

Now I am one of these people that snoops around and likes to pull issues up as we all know there is many of these articles on SMF, well today I am going to change my target and look at a Portal, we all know we all love or loathe it, this portal is Dream Portal.

Dream Portal itself is a great idea, it does lack on a few things other portals have, but Dream Portals biggest flaw is its direction, well when I say Direction I mean the direction that the “Management” is taking it.

So lets start and look at the history, a former Support Specialist who was kicked off the team for doing some pretty nasty stuff to forums, decided to turn over a new leaf, and create a portal.  This new leaf did not last that long.  The team had always been fluctuating with only a handful staying in for the long haul, well this is until the manager took over, he had left the team few months before as he disliked the way it was heading, he had been warned for insulting staff etc., and now he had returned as a Project Manager.

This one event has simply sealed the deal, Dream Portal started there own version of the events that led to the known January 2010 events on SMF, friends where losing the privileges they earned, but what’s different to the SMF version is that the numbers of team members and the reputation of the project was at an all time low.  Specially after the actions they took at Simple Machines and called out the Cus. Team for not contacting them with issues, forgetting that the version of Dream Portal had changed from 1.0.0 to 1.0.5 with each step in between, meaning that the Cus. Team had to start from beginning on each release.  But did the new Project Manager, well you would be wrong in thinking he did, Project Manager even though everyone knew he was wrong even decided to debate with someone who knows coding, someone who is making there own forum software and who has over 40,000 posts on SMF most of these were providing coding support.

Dream Portal had enough they were moving to new server due to the fact that the other project manager was deleting accounts without reason, going against there “no account deletion”, disrespecting there own core values.  Even removing access to friends who have done more for the project than anyone else.  Now yes this cant be easily proven unless you speak to the countless former team members of Dream Portal.

So the management decided to start fresh, they deleted all members and all posts, in an aim to push there ideals out, they took there site down without informing there members, and even now a few days on no-one really knows why.

A block at top of there page and that has been there for a while reads


Welcome to the NEW Dream Portal 1.1.  Please bear with us as we are restarting this site (DP.NET) from scratch.  In the meantime, you can reregister with your old username that you had previously on DP.net.  Thank You and apologies for any inconvenience this may have been on you.  I will be setting up Membergroups sometime tonight, so please be patient with a few things.  Thank You.

For those who have sent me e-mails, please resend me an e-mail from the SAME e-mail account that you sent it from before and I will ensure you are in the same membergroup.

Dream Portal 1.0.5 will be made Public shortly.  Thanks for your patience.

Dream Portal Project Manager

This to me doesnt strike confidence, the Project Manager is admitting he doesnt have time to do a simple task, and doesnt save his emails.  Now what can really show this is the end of Dream Portal, well its this, taken today from the shoutbox:


SoLoGHoST: Just to let everyone know, I am not putting up with negative comments, posts, topics, etc. that attempt to belittle, mock anyone
Today at 01:41:58 AM

SoLoGHoST: If someone does this, you account will be removed and you will be banned.
Today at 01:42:18 AM

SoLoGHoST: Thanks [img height=15 width=15]http://envisionportal.net/Smileys/default/smiley.gif[/img]
Today at 01:42:20 AM

SoLoGHoST: We are adults, and if you aren’t than you need to act like one!
Today at 01:42:44 AM

SoLoGHoST: Threatening remarks, posts, topics will be removed and users will be banned also.
Today at 01:43:29 AM

SoLoGHoST: Ok, G’Nite
Today at 02:47:29 AM

Wait am I reading correctly, that ANY negative comment will result in a ban, does this Project Manager realise that he is just a dictatorship now, that any software, darn any business needs negative comments.  So me being a jerk I pulled him up:


Runic: Wait im confused is it negative remarks or threatening remarks that are gonna get you banned, negative remarks are needed!
Today at 08:48:38 AM

Runic: For example a Negative remark is saying “this feature is rubbish” so what you are saying is that if anyone says that
Today at 08:49:22 AM

Runic: they will be banned.
Today at 08:49:30 AM

How this glorious dictator takes this we shall see, I personally can see him banning me for posting a negative remark.

Its funny Dream Portal revised has been around for a few days, and whats has changed … nothing.  Sologhost is still the only Project Manager, there is still no “Team” this is most likley what he wanted full control.  The other “Project Manager” is still not about.  No-one can download any dream portal.  No-one can get assistance for those that have dream portal.  Four days and there is still no progress in the site.  So whats happening, well a source has told me that Sologhost works 2 jobs and doesnt spend much time on the internet, we have to remember he also has a family, but we wont go into that, simply cause thats not right.  But it makes me think if he is workin 8 am to 12 am each day, how is he ment to code dream portal, bugfix dream portal (there are lots of bugs), manage dream portal and provide support, thats alot of work for 1 guy, and even I can see possible health issues arrising from all this.  However I wanna say one good thing to Sologhost and thats well done as I do believe you have stopped smoking.

So here is the clock being started until Dream Portal finishes, as how things are it wont be too long *click*

What does the future hold well I Envision a Portal to replace the Dream that was Dream Portal …..


edit Since posting this Dream Portal has dissolved