7 November 2013

The Long Wait

By Bryan

So I arrive 30 mins early, baggage reclaim was easiest thing ever as only 3 people had checked in bags, and the walk is known, so I am in London Stansted, it is 10.30pm, and I have 7 hours till my flight checks in. This means one word, COSTA, so I walk to other end of the building, find Costa in the same place and notice my usual haunt in this amazing beats of a burden is free. YES!!! I put my bags down, like a dog marking his area, grrr, and go over and buy a Grande Café Late from the Serbian Barrister. I sit down, plug my laptop in … nothing … no power … I mess around … nothing … so I have battery left I can manage for now … so I connect internet …sweet more free internet … 1 hour only … fuck.

So for the next hour I send emails, pester friends on Facebook and drink my coffee.

Then the reason why I love airports, this girl, has went over to the other socket to get charge on her laptop, I say it wont work and she goes FUCK, she decides to go searching for a socket, so I speak to the guy she was with. Five minutes later she comes back, this girl is wearing red hoody, ripped jeans, pink trainers, sun bleached blonde hair and has the backpacker look, the gut is in jeans, a nice natural tan, and sun bleached blonde hair. Well many of you can guess my question … the answer was Greece! She was going home to Bournemouth and he was going home to Poland after spending a few months on Kos! Ελλα μαλακα ελλα!! You all can imagine the fun we had rest of the night, but if you cant here goes.

Natalie (the girl) comes back smiling, “guys I found sockets near burger king” … sweet … we all quickly pack our things and look for these elusive sockets, and their they were, heaven, three sockets in one small corridor … that led to … the toilets … who care power, internet … MUSIC.

So we plug laptops in and leave stuff in sight while we set base camp for the night, we talk about Greece, we talk about ourselves and we have have a laugh and giggle.

Natalie gets out a portable speaker and connects it to her laptop, and we have tunes, she gets up walks away and come back with 3 burger kings cups, empty.

Eventually a bottle of wine is pulled out, but its corked and we have no corkscrew, so after a while of trying to push the cork threw and attempting to find an opened, Mike decides to walk and see … no luck … so given up the next bottle it brought out … still a cork, Natalie gets up and comes bacck with it open, so we have music on and wine open. The music varied between Dance and Greek Folk, people were thanking us, and smiling and dancing as they walked by to the toilet. We even got thanked by staff, BK staff liked the variety of music, even airport workers thanked us for the music.

Time ticks on and its a choice … food or caffine? … food or caffine? … food or caffine? No this is not a stutter but for you to understand the dilema … food was chosen, so I went to BK and got a chicken deluxe, was soo nice … wine + food + music + good company = FUN

Night went on and time to move, Natalie went for coffee while Mike and I went to check our bags in, we both agreed it felt good having no bags except carry on, we walked to that magic place known as Costa, bought some coffee and sat with Natalie, while she decided to get bus or train home. We finished and was time to go, Mike and Natalie hugged and spoke, then she and I hugged and she went on her way. Mike and I decided to go through security and find gates, but only his was listed Gate 46, so seeing as I had time to kill I walked him to his gate, we were joined by Jonas, a guy from Sheffield who was off to Frankfurt, we met him earlier and got talking. Mike and I said goodbye, a quick hug and off he went to his plane that was boarding, I walked to the info desk and asked where my flight was taking off from, great news gate 40 right where I was standing. I walked up to WH Smith where their was seating, dropped my stuff at a chair and asked the lady where toilets were, she told me, and I asked if she would watch my stuff, she agreed, and I ran to the toilet.

I came back, thanked her and plugged my laptop in to charge. While writing some of my previous blog entry I got speaking to an air stewardess, a wee bit of being nice later and comparing who had the worst night, my flight gets called, I jump up and join the others at the gate!

Flight over was nice, slept most of it and had a nice chat with the lady beside me, she was from Turku, her husband was from Bristol, she was even kind enough to give me a list of what was new in Turku. Was an enjoyable trip, so far but what happened next well, you need to read the next post!