20 November 2015

The Rose of Pagan Forum

By Bryan

I lost the one I love,
the only one I will ever
She does not care no more,

I love her, still
So much it hurts,
I cry at night,
She does not know,
I doubt she even cares.

I want to give up on making her see,
How sorry I am,
How much I want to be with her.

But I will not,
I love her, I need her to know this,
And until she admits it,
I will not stop.

People say its a fantasy,
Others say I am dreaming,
But I have nothing else but this,
My words,
To tell her how I feel.

I love you,
I knew it then,
I know it now.

And I will not be quiet till
The day we are together again.

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