12 November 2013

They have WIFI on the buses!

By Bryan

Goodbye Finland, goodbye Turku I will miss you that is what my thoughts were when I woke up this morning, a long day of travelling ahead of me, today I go to Estonia, to be precise Tartu in Estonia, this will be the furthest south I have ever been in Estonia, my last trip was in 2007 with Ute, and some other friends and we stayed in Tallinn.

I woke up and turned on my light so I can see what I was doing, but first the toilet! I finish packing after 10 minutes so I check emails. At around 4.40am I set on my quest to the train station, I need to get a train to Helsinki!

I sit at the station after arriving at 5.05am and curse the fact that nothing is open till 6.10am. The train arrives and I get settled, laptop plugged in and wifi connected, as we speed to Helsinki, best moment was when the trolley came so I could get a kahvi. I was sitting on the train on facebook, and started speaking to Lex a former SMF teamie like me, who just so happened to be in station that I was arriving at, so after a few minutes we agreed to meet, I was meant to be visiting Lex, but with the Estonia trip this had to change. So meeting him ever so briefly was great!

I got on the tram and head towards the West Port, climbed the stair jumped on the escalator and went to check in, after 20 minutes I was seen and had my boarding pass, now I had to wait for Chrisitana, my Greek friend to arrive. I was waiting another 20 minutes when she arrived with her cousin.

We got on the ferry and found a locker for our stuff each giving €2 for the cost, then walked to the stern to find a place to sit. For the whole trip we caught up, surfed the internet and laughed at the live performance that was being put on. We shouldnt laugh it was after all very cheesy, serious Finnish folk music … but I cannot for the life of me exaggerate the amount of cheese!

The ferry arrives in Tallinn and we find out the Alice, the other Scottish girl we were meeting missed her flight and was having to get a late flight from Amsterdam after the omg reaction we started laughing. But we are friendly so after advising her to enjoy the coffee houses, we started looking at earlier trips. We got on the bus at the port and after some getting off at wrong stop and taxi to correct location we arrive at Bussijaam an hour early, giving us 20 minutes to get food and get our bus. Now before the brainics start the buses are every hour, we were going to get the 1400 bus but as we arrived at 1240 this meant we could get earlier bus. The buses here are luxury a wee LCD display with various features, like tv, music, internet, games, movies, had power sockets for phones and laptops, even had free wifi!!

Bus rid over we are in Tartu, after a few minutes of asking we find our bus stop, and the diver was amazing, gave us price and told us what to look for before we got off and even nodded when we got to the stop!

After a few minutes of looking we find the hostel, are shown to our rooms and meet some of the others who arrived earlier. We started talking and exploring the rooms and by now other arrive, we all hug well ones we know and soon most are together, with PIZZA! That night we get shown a print factory in same building looking at history of printing and making our own!