15 December 2015

This Is

By Bryan

This is my final word,
I am giving up,
Giving up on the old me
Trying to change for the better,
This is my vow,
My oath,
My Contract,
From this day on,
I’m going to be better,

A better son,
A better friend,
A better brother, uncle,
Cousin, Relative,
I’m going to be a better student,
A better webmaster,
A better me,
And not to forget a better boyfriend,
To the one who has changed me for the better,

I’m going to change,
How I look,
How I feel,
How people portray me,
Change that I am currently
To be the real me that I have hidden.

I’m going to say sorry to all those I have hurt,
And thank you to all those that deserve it,
And do something that scares me once in a while.

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