8 June 2015

Time is Ticking

By Bryan

With just over a month till we go to Greece, everything is starting to finally come together, dates for everything are now confirmed. Naxos accommodation is now booked. Ferry tickets are now booked. Got some new clothes purley for Greece. New sandals. New shades. Just need to buy a new pair of trunks or two and I am sorted.

Bigger shock is I am managing to keep my spending down to a low so I can have more for Greece and with 8 days I need to go out this month I should be fine if I don’t do anything to rash. Whats even better is I am losing the weight I have gained the last few years of being a lazy ass student and will hopefully loose a wee bit more by time we get to Greece, and then a big chunk in Greece. Well that is the plan … if I keep to it that is a different topic.
I have been working on a wee booklet for Diesel so he knows what to expect abit better 23 A4 pages atm and likely to get slightly longer, don’t worry its full of fun facts and pictures and large font so wohooo.

Till next time!