10 November 2013

To Greek it up!

By Bryan

Thursday started like any other day, didnt sleep well, after 4 hours I was wide awake, beds in the hostel are amazingly comfortable, but I was persistent to get more, but when the others in room woke, well I gave up. So I just did what I normally do and came online.

Today was actually quite big day, I was going to see Risto and Mari at Vimma, Mari works and Nuerton Turku, and Risto used to work their. I met them years ago with Ute, Jeremy, Sabine and well the rest of the old crew, and last time I was in Turku I visited them as well, but since then a lot has changed. It was nice catch up, over a salad with olives and chicken, a bottle of Jaffa and a Coffee. We spoke about pretty much everything including the girl that cannot be named or she will kill me, and how Risto wants to meet her so he can speak Spanish to her! According to this girl she looks forward to it as I asked her later on. So after 90 minutes of chatting, laughing and joking, Mari needs to get back to work, and Risto needs to get to his office, we say goodbye in the custom style, and I get invite back next time I am in Turku.

I came back to hostel and had a wee nap, was nice and needed, did some surfing on the internet and spoke more to my room mates, and then surfed the internet a bit more.

Time was approaching fast and I had to walk again this time I was meeting a friend I have not seen in many years must have been 6 years, I walked to Kaupatori, but it didnt take as long as I though so I was early, so I went to supermarket for juice. I cam out and looked around, no sign of her, all of a sudden I see a familiar person walking across the street, it was Heini, and she had lost a wee bit weight, not saying she was fat to begin with far from it. We greeted each other, and decide we go for food, we look around and decide to try a Mexican place, we walk to it and see its full, we then decide to try the American place across road, I’m sorry but no steak is worth €40, so we walk back to the center square and decide to find this Greek Restaurant. On the way trying to find it as I had rough idea, we spoke about what we been through over the years, learnt about her husband, how they met etc. I told her of my travels in Greece and other things. We eventually found the restaurant and went inside, I greeted the waitress in Greek, she replied in Greek, we sat at a table, and looked at the menu’s, I noticed straight away what I wanted, Κοτόπουλο σουβλάκι (καλαμάκι) or for those that want English, Chicken Souvlaki (kalamaki), Heini ordered, tbh im not sure what it was but looked good. We had the salad and water as is usual, I also had a cola, and we ate. OMFG it was soo nice, was also funny to hear the Greek talking in the kitchen, was scary I understood. After the meal I took some pictures of the flags and the shrine, and got speaking to the waitress, it was nice to know that I am not the only one who gets the languages mixed up.

After restaurant we went to the late night pharmacy in Kaupatori to by some Compede for the blisters that were causing me grief, and then decided to go to The Castle, for a beer and meet her husband, we went and waited and then he turns up, after comparing hairstyles we went in and found a seat. I went into toilet and got some toilet paper to dry around the wound and put a Compede on it, was nice, then went and bought an ale, by this time we were joined by some friends of Heini and David’s and we got talking from recycling to does pubic hair keep “it” warm when you wear a Kilt.

After a wee while it was time so say goodbye, we all said goodbye in the custom manner and went our separate ways.