31 March 2017

Today is the last day

By Bryan

I have been blessed by doing many amazing and wonderful things over my short life, working in a call centre was never one of these things I would imagine ever doing, nor would I ever think I would feel sad to leave.

Of course, I will still not say who I worked for, what campaign I was involved with or anything to let you know who I represented in any way.  If you know excellent if not well c’est la vie.

However in 3 hours, I start my last shift, and I am sad in leaving.  First time I have worked in a call centre.  First time I have handed my notice in. First time I have actually enjoyed the work.  But alas unless there is some way I can do both this job and my new one I doubt I can.

Call Centre work was always one of these jobs that did not appeal to me growing up, but the more I have been involved the more I love it, I have spoken to some amazing people on the phone, and learnt a lot of new and interesting facts about these strangers.  Of course, when they were on phone to me they got more than an agent but they came off the phone smiling and going “wtf?” in a good way.  From being compared to as a pilot to a game show host on my calls.  So if anyone randomly searches and finds my site, if you had an agent on the phone who asked you to say “PRESS THAT BUTTON” in a fun enthusiastic way then HELLO and a thank you for the 10 in the surveys.

But I am going to miss everyone in Team Anus (Anubis) and Team Soggy Biscuit (Oreo).  Especially my team lead who had a challenge but with perseverance and lots of cigarettes managed to eat less than 15 sins a day.  Wait no I mean managed to push us into a well-oiled machine.

It has been a lot of fun, specially the games of Splat, but its time I move on and enjoy the next 12 days of getting organised before I move to the sun, sea and sand of Crete.