15 December 2015

Tomorrow Never Comes

By Bryan

Ill give you an insight,
Look into my mind,
When you wake up in the morning,
And nothing seems to go right.

You put the milk in the cupboard,
The cornflakes in the fridge,
You make a cup of coffee,
But forget to boil the kettle.

You misjudge the distance,
And stub your toe on the door,
Curse and scream,
Cause it bloody hurts.

After many other such hijinks,
You leave for work,
But you have left your keys,
So back into house you go.

Arrive at work, maybe few minutes late,
Working on a report,
An urgent one at that,
But you cant think,
On how to word it.

Its there, in your brain,
But you just cant think,
On how to write it down.
End of day your report isn’t done,
Procrastinated, checked Facebook,
But it lingers today is not going well,
Tomorrow it will be better.

You have to go to a new place today,
Just for a few minutes,
Its an off day so you get lost,
the place is crowded,
You feel uneasy.

Later that day homeward bound,
You go to bed and sleep,
Tomorrow you will be fine!
For me well tomorrow never comes

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