20 April 2019


By Bryan

I have always been interested in other countries, back in 2007 I would never have thought I would ever have lived in Finland, and what happened I did with the thanks to my then girlfriend Natalie, ok I did break us up but if it was not thanks to her love for Finland I would never have visited. Back in 2012 I would never have imagined I would ever live in Greece, yet as we know from looking at my blog I did, and I met the most gorgeous girl I have ever met, yes Georgia I do still think you are amazing. Of course that ended and in 2017 I moved to Crete.

So when I applied to become a holiday rep again, changing from blue shirt to an orange shirt I was expecting to be placed in Greece, nope HR decided my skills and knowledge, and need is in Turkey. To be honest I was never expecting to ever visit Turkey, yet I never even thought I would visit most of the countries I have been too. However for the next 6 months I will be residing in Antalya. Unsure how I feel about this, mostly anxious and excited, first time I have lived somewhere a visa is needed, and somewhere completely different to what I know, after all Greece and Turkey do not get on very well. But you only live once!