15 December 2015


By Bryan

Silence broken before the storm,
A smile, a laugh, a cry, a scream.
Silence heard over the broken floor,
Where a body was unearthed.

An axe hangs on the kitchen wall,
A murder weapon not found,
Police carriage’s wait outside,
No sign of Scotland Yard.

A piano with blood soaked keys,
The rose that once fell,
Smiles cannot be seen,
Is this a recognisable scene?

A storm has passed,
It has blown the candle’s out,
Detective’s examine the corpse unclean,
To see what has not been seen.

A conundrum lies ahead.
What has caused the man to be dead,
A motive, a weapon, a cause, the scene,
Tune in next week for more of the unseen!

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