22 February 2013


By Bryan

So in my last blog post I announced my official return to University, its been an interesting and deep course so far and its weird doing it all online and not being at a phyisical building, but not complaining.

Starting to talk to people in the course, makes a change for me to be this slow at doing so but all is good I think.

Before I continue I want to say Hi to Emma who is secretly reading my blog, I also joked this blog was about her.

Anyway, course wise this semester I have:

collecting and Analyzing Data – Lecture are fun, passed the first milestone with small fixes needed, doing it on Rock The Talk, and have a questionnaire for the youths already.

Economics and the State – believe it or not I am enjoying this class as well been a few good discussions and the lecturer Michael tries his hardest not to make it boring.

Intro to Social Policy – Yet again interesting class, even though I have only been to one lesson, good discussion on benefits system today and next week its the welfare system so some well worded bashing ATOS is to be expected.

Cant think what else to say about uni so ill part now …. till next time … you have been watching Bryans Blog.