15 December 2015

Why Am I

By Bryan

Black sleeve rolled up to elbow,
Marks are visible from previous,
The time when she broke my heart,
I took it bad and tried to kill myself,
People say im looking for sympathy,
Why should I, im looking for away
A way to release all this anger, this hatred
This hurt, this emotion I don’t want.

I love her still, but I don’t want to,
I want to move on, move on,
Find someone new,
And be happy,
Find someone who wont treat me like shit,
Someone who will treat me like a human,
No-one cares, Brother in law almost breaks my finger
Yet I am the one who gets in trouble,
I am the one who gets the verbal abuse,
I am the one who get the guilt of parent arguing
And crying as they don’t make me feel wanted,
If I venture downstairs,

I sit in my room,
Darkness, silver object about my skin,
Pressed hard, slowly slice into my skin,
Wait, patiently,
Watching to see if it bleeds,
It doesn’t, funny, it should, its deep enough,
Maybe that’s cause I have cut so many times,
Lack of blood, no blood,

Why am I still Alive?

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