29 January 2013

Your a what?

By Bryan

You know its always good to get or give good news, I remember when I showed the world the picture of Georgia and I together finally, I had never seen so many likes on any post of mine on Facebook, even her friends where liking the picture.

Of course all good things must end at some point.

Everyone soon avoided me when she and I separated when I came back to Scotland and those close to me know how much I still miss her, now so do you!

But life moves on, people change, life changes, and one thing I worked on when I was in Greece was trying to get a last minute course at University.

Yesterday I received an email saying if you can apply for funding etc we can start you this week. So I jumped out my bed and did the application. Today I received the unconditional offer!

A few minutes later I received my log in details for enrollment, so I have enrolled and been welcomed to the course. Now its down to SAAS (no not the military branch) to say yes to my funding. And all goes well I should start next week.

So everyone knows the course is a BScH in Sustainable Development.